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Self-publishing is growing by the hour. Kindle Scout offers a big opportunity to get your book published, through a Kindle Press contract. The author will get a $1,500 advance and the exposure that a big platform like Amazon provides. To win the contract, the author needs to submit a book to Kindle Scout, which will enter into a 30-day campaign, where scouts vote and nominate the best for publishing. Kindle Scout Hot & Trending List: How to Get (and Stay) There was written to help writers conduct their campaign. It shows a method that allowed the author stay in the Hot & Trending list 97.9% of the campaign duration, which is 705 out of 720 possible hours. Get the book here and give your writing career a big leap forward.

What is SelfPubAid?

I decided to create this page to help fellow writers get their work self-published. Nowadays, there are many options for self-publishing; so many, that it requires evaluating which is the best to do it.

And this is not just a matter of choosing where to publish. Here, I will be discussing all the aspects that need to work in sync for a book to succeed, from the cover design to marketing.

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Maximizing your Kindle Scout Opportunities

This book will allow you to manage your Kindle Scout campaign in a very efficient way. It will show you how to use social networks in your favor, for promoting your book, and anchoring it in the Hot & Trending list

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