Kindle Scout Hot & Trending List

How to Get (and Stay) there

Without a doubt, Kindle Scout offers a sweet deal for new authors. Getting a $1,500 advance and a book published by Kindle Press. Besides, the possibility of getting the exposure that a platform like Amazon could give to your writing career is a leverage that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The Hot & Trending List

To be considered by the Kindle Scout team and opt for a contract, the Hot & Trending list is the most important factor to be taken into account. That’s where your book should be to have a higher chance of being published.

And to be there, your book has to gather enough visits to your campaign page, in order to be in the 8% of popularity, among around other 250 books running campaign alongside yours.

When I entered the Kindle Scout program, I thought I just had to submit my book and wait for the results. Shortly after, I discovered that running a campaign is needed to gain visibility and therefore enter the Hot & Trending list. I learned some things during the process and I developed a methodology to help books get and stay in the H&L list.

I wrote a book about it, which shows a simple and free method you could use to replicate the success of my book. Here you can preview and order my book, and below you can take a look at the book’s trailer.

Hot & Trending List Book’s Trailer

Read the book and give your writing career a big leap forward

No hidden costs

You won’t have to spend a simple dime for implementing the methodology. All the tools that you need are totally free, so you don’t have to invest anything else than your time

Shout it loud

You will give your book a great exposure through social networks, no matter how many friends or followers you got on them. It will work anyhow


Get published

Being in the Hot & Trending list is the easiest way for your book to be noticed by the Kindle Scout team, increasing the odds of being selected for publication

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