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We, as writers, need to support each other. We’re a not so big community, so lets keep united. The following list contains the books of our fellow members that are contesting at Kindle Scout to win a contract to be published by Kindle Press, an Amazon company. If an author get selected, he or she will get a $1,500 advance, and you’ll get the book for free. Let’s help them by visiting their campaign pages.

You can nominate until 3 books, so select the ones you like the most, click on the button, and nominate your favorites at the Kindle Scout site. It’ll be a great help for the author campaign. Remember tomorrow your book may be here.

Do you want to be in this list? Go get the Kindle Scout Hot & Trending list book, that’ll help you to prepare an amazing campaign, and give your writing career a big leap forward!

Once in an Olive Moon by J.R. LAURENCE

Serena travels the world daily, teaching English online from her kitchen table. But when the laptop is off, it’s just her and her drab apartment. Her dating life’s a void, work barely pays the rent, and her hamster just wrecked her car. Then Alessandro, a scrumptious olive oil heir, signs up for lessons, and invites her to Italy. Should she throw caution and job to the wind for love? Not if a Prada-clad vineyard heiress, the geek next door, and her oddball students around the world can help it!

Although somewhat light on advice and tactics for writing your book description, one-liner, and author questions, this book more than makes up for it with a wealth of detailed ideas, tactics, and templates for using social media to bring in nominations without having to pay for outside services. I consider this book to be an essential resource for anyone planning or in the midst of a Kindle Scout campaign.

Elfling by Corinna Turner

Alone on the streets of London, young Serapia Ravena seeks her father, her only hope of survival. When the elusive Duke suddenly returns to the city, Serapia finds a loving father, who quickly thwarts her uncle’s murderous plans. But it soon becomes clear that he hides a dark secret, one that threatens his very life, and his very soul. The search for his salvation will bring Serapia face to face with her own mysterious heritage. “I was instantly drawn in” – EOIN COLFER, author of ARTEMIS FOWL

In all honesty, I was a little sceptical about buying this book, especially for over £6, but compared to the possible benefits of running a successful Kindle Scout campaign, I decided it was worth the risk. I’m glad I did buy it. It’s a quick, easy read, and contains a number of useful ideas, templates, etc., plus information on how to get a useful pre-made spreadsheet to help with Twitter. Although I previously ran a very similar—and very successful—campaign back in the days of Authonomy, there was plenty of info in this book I didn’t know.
One caveat, if you have hardly any time to devote to your campaign, and are basically being forced to leave the campaign to its own devices and hope for the best, it might not be worth investing in this book. But if you have at least an hour or two a day then you’ll probably find some useful tips in here.
Thanks, Mr Vasquez, for writing such a helpful book.
Thanks and best wishes,

Rough Diamonds by Ian Robinson

In the sixties, this killer read takes you to a mining village called Scallyclare and surrounding hellish haunts in South Africa. There is deceit, evil, malice, negligence, blackmail, rape, murder. It starts when the three children’s grandparents give them three uncut diamonds. Along with those, they give them each a bracelet with their names engraved on. The diamonds and the bracelets become their blessings and their curses… This killer read is not for the gutless!

This is a comprehensive and up-to-date guide which covers all the key points. It deals with my vast data base of email contacts, Facebook (both individuals and groups), Twitter and various other social media. Jose introduced me to Hootsuite. This elaborate programme has everything from listing your social media accounts and a calendar that allows you plan days, weeks or even years ahead. I’ve tried it and it works perfectly. He also introduced me to bit.ly, a programme which tells minute by minute how my campaign is progressing. I found Kindle Scout Hot & Trending an invaluable resource.

Aspiria Rising by Douglas Barton

Like most people on his world, Dominy worships the ground scientists walk on. He can’t wait for the brightest minds in the galaxy to arrive at Aspiria, the intellectual capital of civilization. Until most of them never make it. Desperate to solve the mystery, Dominy teams up with the quirky artist, Genna. Together they set out on a journey through deserted basements, forgotten particle accelerators, and futuristic stadiums only to discover a madman is involved in an unimaginable galactic plot.

What a great book! The author seems to be known for his novels, but this nonfiction work is a must read for anyone entering the Scout competition. What I like best is that he goes into specifics on the technical aspects of running a marketing campaign (like setting up Bitly). Easy to read and highly recommended! Doug

The Adoption by Greg Meritt

Business owner Logan Keller and his wife, Claire, long for a child. After years of trying to conceive without success, they meet with Sylvia Tran, an adoption specialist, and five-year-old Samantha Jennings. Claire instantly falls for the little girl. But something isn’t right. After they bring Samantha home, Claire and Logan are thrust into an unfathomable world of suspense, where they discover the truth about Sylvia Tran and find out what they are willing to do to protect the ones they love.

Mr. Vasquez offers a lot of useful advice for anyone that is considering a Kindle Scout campaign, which requires the author to do a lot of their own marketing to drive people to the Kindle Scout site. The tools offered in this book are practical without being scammy or sleazy. The advice is both practical and informative. I highly recommend reading this prior to entering into your campaign.

The Edge of the Otherworld by Edmund Farrow

The Roman legions are gone and the power of the druids is fading. Old gods must compete with the new ways of Christianity. Nothing can keep the tribes of Scotland from war. Beset by chaos, the kingdom of Dal Riata stands alone and a young prince must prove himself worthy to be king. Aided by a seer who can walk the many paths of the future and shape them to her own ends, he sets out in search of the legendary spear of justice. His quest leads all the way to the land of Faerie…

This is an excellent book on how to set up, run and survive a Kindle Scout campaign. Much of the info could be applied to general book/product promotion as well. Written in a friendly and reassuring style but you’ll already need some knowledge of social media. Inspiring, useful and positive.

Schemes. Disguises, & Traps by David Orsini

A bitter and dangerous young couple (Bryce and Lauren) plot to murder Aaron, an heir to a fortune, after Lauren marries him. But the plan becomes a scenario of disguise and betrayal when Lauren falls in love with Aaron

J. M. Vasquez has written a very helpful book. With clarity and with concise language, Vasquez outlines and explains the strategies for expanding the audience for a book. Among the many useful tips, he advises writers how to automate the news of their book, how to generate tweets, how to tweet through Hootsuite, and how to post on Facebook groups. Well done.

The Brotherhood of The Rabbit by Jose Miguel Vasquez

A successful writer’s life takes a fatal turn by receiving the news that he has an inoperable brain tumor. His ten-year-old son, the center of his life, is emotionally and financially dependent on him. Peter survives a risky operation, but life has another surprise in store for him. With the removal of the tumor, he receives the singular gift of turning what he writes into reality, becoming the target of powerful groups, who see him as an opportunity to dominate the world

Using the method makes very easy to get and stay in the Hot & Trending list, investing less time that if you do it by brute force

The Mashego File by Ian Patrick

Heinous crime. Brutal and barbaric perpetrators. Overworked police and forensics investigators. The criminal justice system unable to cope. A residential neighbourhood where vigilante justice replaces the institutions of law and order. As things fall apart, Detective ‘Nights’ Mashego investigates. But he carries his own dark burden…

An insightful and very helpful manual for anyone contemplating publishing with Amazon. Specifically, the author tracks through all the steps necessary to mount a successful “Kindle Scout” campaign. Very easy reading, comprehensive, and filled with useful tips. Highly recommended

Fatal DNA by Jose M Vasquez

Christian Petersen, a brilliant Genetic Engineer, has developed methods that could propel Medicine towards unimaginable grounds. Corina Salgado, Publicist, has been found murdered and raped. Detectives Sonia Acevedo and Guillermo Montenegro will have to deal –in the middle of a hot trial- with kidnapping, treason, blackmailing, and even terrorism to find the truth. Fatal DNA is a thriller filled with action and suspense, a page-turner you won’t put down till reaching its shocking conclusion

Very helpful to any Kindle Scout campaign. It deals even with issues very useful for the after-math, related to Self-Publishing

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